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Our brewery is founded in 1962. We are proud to say that our brewery has been producing its own beer without
additives, brewed in a traditional way. We use best and all natural ingredients. Our beer is made from malts, hops, yeast and water. Our Brewery is located in Western
Europe, in the county named Belgium, City of Brussels. We have several alehouses all around the Belgium where you can enjoy our freshly brewed beer.


Central Brewery is located in the City of Brussels. There we produce our beautifully tasteful beer that is distributed all around the Belgium. Engine of our brewery is custom-made, and can power 3000 L per hour so you can enjoy as many beer as you want. All our recipes are tasted by our beer experts and they take care that every single recipe has the quality you deserve. Quality control is our thing, and every thing must be perfect.


We are proud to say that we have 20 alehouse
all aroundthe Belgium. Environment in every alehouse is delicately
designed so you can enjoy in our beer completely. We have our regular Friday and Saturday beer parties. We
also host weddings, private, and corporate parties.
All you need to do is contact us below, or you can just visit us and our stuff will take care off your
every need. 

Also you can book your table in advance so you can enjoy beer with your friends without any
worry off full house.


Senior Stout
Golden Fruit
Junior Pale Ale


Glass Tall

This dark beauty is made by using roasted barley, hops, water and yeast. We are using our traditional recipe. To bring beer full of overpowering taste of roasted melt and barley, full of flavor that ends with light sweetness. Enjoy this delight of beer that has 20% of extract and 8.0% of alcohol. 


Beer Mug

Golden hopped lager that brings tropics to your mouth. This lager is made with so much flavor that you will forget it is a lager. It is brewed fresh daily using all natural ingredients for smooth and bitter taste with a pinch of citrus that will take your breath away. This sweetie comes with 18% of extract and 5.3% of alcohol.



This beer is our newest product. It is perfectly balanced beer that is lightly hopped by our brewer. Soft notes that brings summer on your mouth all year long. The taste is smooth and refreshing with aroma of fresh oranges. This little one is made with 15% of extract and has only 4.0% of alcohol.


Mark Hoppy

Mark was born in 1950. in the City of Bruseles. A child of five siblings he started working
very young. His first job was in his fathers shop where he learnd how to bea hardworking
man. One time he said to us what attracted
him to beer brewing, he said that his father loved to enojoy his Sunday lunch beer. 
Mark’s passion for beer brewing lasts for over 30 years. He came to us in 1968 as a young
apprentice. As the years were passing he became the best in brewing business. In the
1983. he has becomes our main master brewer. 


Rue de Lessine 548A
City of Bruseles, Belgium    EMAIL
         +32 248 2484 14   PHONE




Rue Van Aa 15

Rue du Cornet 268b
Avenue du Port 5
Avenue de l’Oée 10

Ajuinlei 58b

Jodenstraat 18

RUe Their de la Chartreuse 87

Leon Spillaertstraat 65