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Our Office Solutions

Interior office 4

Conference room


Interior office 6

Conference room no.2


Interior office 5

Meeting room


Interior office 3

Meeting room no.2


Interior office

Office outside space


Interior office 2

Office space


Interior Studio Design group is a UK based interior design office. We offer inspiring solutions for office and home spaces.

Our Home Solutions

Home interior 3

Green energy home


Home interior 6

Home decor


Interior house award

Living area


Home interior 5

Luxury bath


Home interior 2

Minimal room


Home interior

Modern living


Years of experience from
a world acclaimed  designer team

Jean Michelson and Jerome Derrington have been working together for 15 years. In that time they have won numerous awards and designed over 100 houses.

They draw their inspiration from the nature, finding the perfect fit between man made and nature made in the flow of shapes and colors.

Winners of the 2016 Crafta awards, they are a part of our great and successful team. Always pushing the limits trying to find the best solution for you.

Jean Michelson
Jerome Derrington

News and Updates

DsgnIt cover

Interior Studio group in DsgnIt

Interior Studio Group was mentioned in the design magazine DsgnIt as a part of their December cover of UK best interior designer offices. In the cover article they mentioned of...

Interior house award

Inscripto house won Crafta award

The interior design of the Inscripto house project won the Crafta award in January of 2017. The winning architect duo of Michelson-Derrington poured their hart and soul in the rich...

Design in the function of culture

The conference on design that was held in Dresden sparked a lively debate how design influences the culture around us. Is the design just an aesthetic appendage to our lives or...

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